1" pin


Thee Iran-Contras

Annapolis, MD; various


Terry Duvall

Peter Heyneman

Caroline Picard

Jon Polk

Ben Porter

Peter Speer

Ben Young



"s/t" cassette, CD-R

"Ouvrage" cassette, CD-R

"Mr. Pants" cassette, CD-R

"Going Crackers" cassette, CD-R

"For Couples Only" CD-R

"The Food Olympics" CDEP

"That's We Rapping" CD-R

"Chinese Sex" CD-R

"Chintzy Rose" CD-R

"Y'all I'm Impregnated" CD-R

"Zealot for Community" CDEP

"Rural Deceipts" CD-R

"VA Outtakes" CD-R

"Still Life with Jodeci" CD-R

"30-30-30" CD-R

"Stop Pressing Stop" CD-R

"The Murderbirds" CD-R

"Live at the Side Room" CD-R

"The Way He Shimmers" CD-R

"Jersey Jump" CD-R

"We're the Eagles" 4x cassette box-set

"Were Better" lathe cut LP

"Chatham Nights" 7"

"Japanese Tour" split 7" with The McDowells